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Turning any television into a computer

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Welcome screen

Have you already registered Classi? Excellent!

Enter your Mobile phone number, get a login code and start having fun.

Not registered yet? Scan the QR CODE that is on the screen and go to the registration page easily

Main screen

In this screen you can see your class schedule. 

You can enter your class room (Teams or Google Classroom), join a lesson and browse the web, just like using a computer.

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Lesson screen

In this screen you can see the details of the lesson. 

Teacher's name, lesson time, study materials attached by the teacher. If the lesson is active on Zoom, you can see the lesson on your TV screen.

Class rooms

Clicking the button will lead you to your class room (Teams or Google Classroom)

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Internet browsing

Here you can enter the browser and browse the Internet just like using a computer.

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